Take the first step into adventure on a journey that goes from the mountain’s peak to the heart of the forest on our hiking tour.

Marvel at the spectacular views of the Central and Southern Pacific, as well as some of the volcanoes of the Central Mountain Range, and be awestruck by an impressive, life-sized map that will leave you speechless.

The hike begins at the highest point of Buena Vista Mountain, at an impressive altitude of 3,492 meters above sea level. Here, you can observe the subalpine forest or paramo, with its unique vegetation that doesn’t exceed one meter in height and can only be found in the elevated areas of the Talamanca Mountain Range and the South American Andes.

As you descend, you’ll notice how the ecosystem gradually changes until you reach an altitude of 2,200 meters, where the towering oaks and the lush greenery of the cloud forest welcome you back to the hotel. You can then conclude your experience on a high note by enjoying a delightful drink at the bar or relaxing with a rejuvenating massage.

Live this tour by reserving with our team or at the reception. We offer options for both small and large groups, making it perfect for families, couples, and solo adventurers.

The approximate duration of this tour is 6 to 8 hours.