Just as we opened a path in the mountains, we open ourselves to a rebirth, and as good explorers
we return to our identity.

We set out on the adventure of renovating ourselves. Just like Savegre was born from the desire to explore the mountain, out identity and brand are born from the mountain, integrating and paying tribute to the elements and values that make us who we are today.

Our values are essential to our identity, they are reflected in the ways we do things, the way we behave and act among ourselves and with our customers and providers.

Our brand echoes these values and provides the foundations for real consistency in our content, design, culture and marketing in general.

And our new identity synthesized all these, taking inspiration from three important elements that make Savegre magical: the majestic quetzal, the Savegre river that provides life to everything around it, and the beautiful land, a privileged place surrounded by the mighty mountains of the area of Los Santos. Every element interlaces with the other effortlessly, just like Savegre.