Over a century ago, on a hunting day on 1954, a group of men lost their way while tracking a prey on the mountain. Two members of this group were Efrain and Federico Chacon, who worked as laborers in coffee plantations in the area of Los Santos.

After a cold night, and with the first rays of sunlight, the beauty of the place awakened a dream in these brothers, they wished to own a property where they could work the land and provide for their families.

When they returned to their homes, the idea to return to that place grew stronger until they decided to embark on the adventure. With time, and with the help of other men who had joined their efforts, Efrain and Federico decided to bring the rest of their families to establish and create
the town today known as San Gerardo de Dota.

After introducing trout in the river, tourism grew in the area and in the early 80’s a group of tourists who loved nature were amazed by the vegetation, the variety of birds and large number of quetzals in the region, and this made evident the large ecotourism potential of the place.

Today, after many stories and efforts, the community prospers thanks to tourism and non-traditional fruit crops.

The concept of family-run business has been maintained for 3 generations, and we still offer our customers the hospitality of a Costa Rican family.

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